Chinese Five Spice Rice with OkraMIS Chinese Five Spice is a blend that is mainly used in Chinese cuisine. Its sweet, warm and spicy flavour is great for stir fries and meats. The blend comprises of spices with a sweet undertone and those with a peppery bite.
SeamossDried Sea moss is renowned in different parts of the world.. for instance in Jamaica this type of sea weed has an aphrodisiac reputation and is considered to be the cure for male impotence, in Ireland it is considered to have medicinal properties, used to treat bronchitis and coughs and in Venezuela it's a home remedy for sore throats and chest congestion. The sources of this white - beigey brown moss which has a soft rubbery texture can hail from the Caribbean Sea to off the shores of Ireland, Great Britain and the Atlantic coastlines of the U.S and Canada. In consuming it your body receives beneficial vitamins and minerals such as iodine, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber and potassium. If used externally it softens and soothes skin and can ease sunburn, chapped skin and other rashes. It can be consumed in its raw state or boiled and blended with other drinks to produce smoothies, gels or beverages. It is relatively colourless and has no taste which allows it to be easily dissolved in food and cosmetic applications.
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